Photo Credit: Academic Experience Worldwide, Hosam Katan

My work within construction and design and finally the development of a design workshop for refugees raised many questions for me regarding the urban future. I decided to go into research at University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany. 


As urbanist and transformative researchewith a strong interest in promoting transdisciplinary research/planning, my research passion  lies in human mobility and socio-spatial interaction. My academic research stay in Singapore in 2019 and work within the project "Pedestrian Comfort" made it clear to me that human mobility and space use are primarily based on site-specific urban rhythms, values and cultures.


What will the future path look like site specifically? In my master's thesis "Inside Sheltered Walkways - Deriving the Urban Futures" I have just been exploring this question with researchers/planners (from urban planning, architecture, psychology, sociology, urban development) and young residents in Singapore's Public Housing Estates. Through my involvement in Participate In Design (P!D) Singapore and worldwide networking with urban actors at The Center for Conscious Design (CCD), I have the opportunity to continue intercultural research and to explore - together with the cities' steakholders - what exactly conscious human mobility should look like and how we will walk - perceive - and shape urban space in the future (inspired by Lucius Burckhardt).

Photo Credit: Participate In Design (P!D), Mui Ping Lim

Photo Credit: "Future Workshop with Young Residents"  in Singapore, Own Photography 


I look forward to exchange ideas with you within my new focus area "Human Mobility" @The CCD or to get your message right here.