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"Being able to produce knowledge is a pathway to power, empowerment, and influence" (Reid et al. 2017, p. 1). 


#TransformativeResearch #HumanMobility #SpatialPerception  #Foresight #MixedMethods 

#NeighborhoodPlanning #PedestrianFriendly #UrbanPlanning #HumanScale  

#RegionalPlanning #Transformation
#UrbanIdentity #CitizenParticipation 

#RegionalPlanning #TransformativeProcess #TransformativeResearch #CitizenEmpowerment 


November 2021: «How Actively Mobile Are You in Your City? What Makes You Move Consciously?» An Introduction to an Interdisciplinary and Participatory Guided Research Project into ‘Conscious Human Mobility‘, and its Potential to Support Well-Being and Child Development, in Conscious Cities Anthology 2021: «The Person-Space Continuum», The CCD Publications. 
by Martina Dreßelt, Anja Kluge, Julien Vincelot

2020 «How Will We Walk Our Cities in the Future?» The Contexts and Meaning of How We Walk - Perceive and Build (Urban) Space, in The Center for Conscious Design, Human Mobility Blog. 
by Martina Dreßelt
2019 «Eberswalde - wer bist du?» Eine empirische Untersuchung von städtischer Identität und Kollektivbewusstsein in Eberswalde, in Städte der Zukunft modellieren, visualisieren, transformieren. 
by Martina Dreßelt, Mina Mahmoodian, Marie Vogelmann, Paulina von Kietzell


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